Is it normal that i have all of these habits?

Allow me to provide you with a list of my habits:

- I refer to my mom as mother.
- I refer to my dad as father.
- I speak in such a way that others find charming, while others consider it “dorky.”
- I have kept my hair relatively short for the past year.
- I always wear pants (and underwear) that reach my navel.
- My diet is quite pristine as very little rubbish foods are consumed by me.
- I enjoy attending college, especially in a brick and mortar setting.
- I maintain a high (as in perfect) grade point average.
- Whenever I have been instructed to write about a certain event in history, I have composed an essay about a historical event in which Abraham Lincoln was present.
- I am honestly fond of reading.
- I write/type using proper grammar.
- I text using proper grammar.
- I drink tea on a daily basis.
- I indulge in documentaries, even those of which some would label as boring.
- I like to tell my cat that he is handsome and charming.
- I long to be born into an earlier time period in which life was simpler and people were more charming, even if it meant sacrificing the latest technology.

Based on these habits of mine, what is your opinion of me?

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  • Meh, I dunno, that stuff is all kinda superficial. Maybe you are sort of proper? I don't really know enough about you to form any sort of solid opinions, or make any judgments on your character.

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  • You're nothing but an epitome of being a nerd.

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  • I love tea, reading, documentaries and wish I was born into a different time too but hobbies/habits don't define who you are.

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  • nothing wrong with it. be yourself

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  • That was a boring read.

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  • You are living too cleanly. How do you expect to end up in hell like the rest of us?

    Allow me to tell you MY habits and maybe you will adopt some -

    I am transgender.
    I work part time cause I am lazy.
    If I get out of bed anytime after 3 PM on weekends, I feel like the whole day is wasted.
    Soda and candy are diet staples even though I have type 2 diabetes.
    I smoked for 15 years.
    I like to annoy the dogs next door.
    I call my dog "Fart"
    I have tattoos.
    I speak in a way that some consider "vulgar". "Lord Fuck It" or "son of a crap-hole sniffing whore" are things I say often.

    BUT even so, some would say *I* live too cleanly.

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  • My opinion, for what it's worth (probably nil) is that it would be a good idea for you to find yourself something constructive to do rather than dwelling on "habits" which are mostly normal common behavior

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  • F*ck sakes

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