Is it normal that i hate spanish/latin music?

I hate Spanish/latin pop music, I really do. I can't stand it because it all sounds the fucking same. They all have that overused, disgusting beat. And no, hating latin music does NOT make me a racist, you liberal dipshits.

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  • You went from expressing your opinion on music to name calling...

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  • Nah, the real crap music is American pop music.

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  • It probably would all sound the same if you're not familiar with it. Plus everyone likes what they're familiar with so it's no surprise that you don't like it.

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  • Latin/spanish mainstream music is probably just as bland and stupid with all the same beats as mainstream american music is. Are you not aware that Spain has genres as well? Pretty much all countries have.

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  • You don't have much knowledge about Spanish music, because it doesn't all sound the same. There are many different genres of music in "Spanish" music, just like English music.

    Where are you living?

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  • Oh damn yes
    I don’t like it at all
    But I have to say, everybody’s got different tastes of course

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