Is it normal that i hate cable tv?

I remember in the the early 80's when cable was being promoted like you would pay for it but there wouldn't be any commercials because they wouldn't need sponsors. Now there's more stupid ads than on over the air tv. The only reason I keep it is because they carry the Italian channels and for the convenience of automatic recording. Otherwise it's shit.

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  • I have great news then. Since you hate cable, you will be happy to learn that cable tv is dying a slow painful death.

    Seriously though, I think you opinion is widely shared. I haven't watched cable in at least five years and would be suprised to learn of anyone my age who still uses it. It's just too convenient (and cheaper) to use streaming services. As it stands, you can basically pay 30 dollars less and get 3 streaming services + your internet and YouTube. There's a clear winner.

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    • I know. I would go that way if it weren't for the reasons I mentioned. I'm on the verge however. I just think we got hoodwinked big time.

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  • Local Antenna/over the air channels are more entertaining then overpriced big networks broadcasting the same crap reality shows .

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