Is it normal that i get depressed easily?

My mood fluctuates and it's so bloody annoying! It just happens. It...Just...Happens...

I fall into these moods so easily and it can go on for a long while. I can spend hours and hours listening to sad music to no end! In these times I'm very negative and put myself down. At some point, I'll open up a youtube video and I get better in a flash? It's as if it was just a dream.

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  • Yeah I think I have mild bi polar and some days I don't want to be alive and others I feel like my life is going some where or at least that my shit existence will change soon

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  • Does it happen a week before your period?

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  • Same here and clinical depression runs in my family. Could be either that, bipolar disorder or something else.

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  • You may simply have a vitamin deficiency. You should see your doc for blood tests.

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