Is it normal that i find it funny when a youtube video has more dislikes than likes?

It is just funnier to me even when looking at the dislike ratios, especially videos which has 100K-200K dislikes and something like 100-200 likes, but of course it depends what the YouTuber did to get loads of dislikes and whether it was justified.

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  • I find it funny when that happens. Every time I've seen it, the person uploading the video deserves the dislikes.

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    • Or whatever the gaming company that releases X game totally deserves the hatred from their fan base.

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  • I noticed in 2020 almost every democrat video on youtube has almost equally as many dislikes as likes.

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  • There used to be this terrible scene band called Blood on the Dancefloor who’s auto-tuned, cliché-laced, cheesy-as-a-deep-pan-pizza attempts at EDM pop songs would get routinely dislike-bombed as teenage me sat there and chuckled. There was one in particular called Bewitched and back when dislikes were shown in red people would comment that the dislike bar was Darth Vader’s light saber. Comments are now turned off due to most of them making fun of the song and band but it turned out the lead singer was preying on underage girls so every one of those dislikes was deserved.

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  • i guess i dont watch that kinda video

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