Is it normal that i find everything boring all the time

I am just SO bored man. And i am not only talking about idk house chores or homework (i am still a student).
I am on summer vacation right now and i literally don't know what to do.
I play the bass (beginner but oh well) and i played it like every day but i get bored so quickly. I also paint some coloring books and it is ALSO boring. None of my friends wanna hang out but even when we do i get bored being with them. I literally cannot find something that doesn't bore me and i feel like i am just wasting time EVERYDAY ALL DAY.
It's so fucking annoying.
Being alive it's so boring, today i was cutting up watermelon and the knife slipped and fell to the floor and before it even touched the ground i was already thinking 'damn wish that fell into my foot and hurt me or sum maybe then i can feel like something interesting happens'

It is THAT extreme.

Life is boring.

I feel helpless goddamn.

Any suggestions to make like a bit spicier or something??? I literallywant to smash my head on the wall thank you v much.

(I have no money so don't suggest madd crazy expensive stuff lmao thankyou)

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  • That sounds like depression

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    • Zon't say that 💀

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  • Play ska on the bass it's beginner-friendly and it gets better the fatter the bass.

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  • It’s because you are boring, that is why everything is boring.

    You carry that around with you basically.

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  • Getchu one of those soundboards online and prank call ppl. Or get some liquid ass spray and go spray it in an elevator. Forth of july is almost here you can rig a badass explosive with fireworks.

    Or just do what I use to do and go get some cocaine.

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