Is it normal that i feel trapped in relationships

When I'm outside of a relationship I always feel lonely but once im actually in one I hate it. I feel trapped and like I'm not free to do what I want.

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  • Clearly, you need to decide what is most important to you: sharing your life with one special person or being free.

    A relationship where both people feel no obligation at all to the other and both are free to do whatever they want isn't really a relationship at all. I suppose you might find someone with such low self-esteem that they'd make no demands of you, be willing to be with you whenever you wanted them and vanish whenever you were fed up with them. Personally, I couldn't respect someone like that, and sooner or later I'd grow to hate myself for taking advantage of someone so pathetic.

    I'd suggest you ask yourself what exactly it is about being in a relationship that you find positive. Is it just that you're conforming to the social norm? Is it the sex? Is it having someone to talk to or to come home to? Is it knowing that someone thinks you're a special person?

    Obviously, there's no law that requires everyone to be in a relationship of some sort, and all those needs can be met to some degree by friends, fuck-buddies and house-mates.

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  • You're just indecisive. Settle with the right one and you'll never feel trapped. I was the same for many years, took awhile but now I'm content with the man I'm with.

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  • Get a pet.

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  • Join the club

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    • Strip club? Sure I guess that might help OP relieve some sexual tension, but is that really a long term solution?

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  • In relationships, we are expected to act a certain way. Like we have to give up our freedom.

    Maybe make it clear from the onset that you like to live a certain way and do things and you are not wanting to give all that up.
    If those things involve having other partners, your main partner might not be cool with it but anything else, why not?

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  • Yeah it's normal. I kind of miss being single and not sharing things, but I love my boyfriend a lot, so I'm staying in my relationship. XD

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  • Normal.
    sucks huh?

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  • Maybe think of ways to cope with the feeling of being trapped (besides ending the relationship or pushing your partner away)
    A relationship should still allow you freedom to do the things you love. You also might not be with the right person, but a partnership can teach you quite a bit about yourself... and it beats being lonely :)

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  • Whats your gender? Have you been having sex in these relationships? These are important factors!!!

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