Is it normal that i feel like i should have wings?

Not really in a human “oh I wish I could fly” kind of way.
Since as long as I can remember I’ve felt like something was missing from my body, from a pretty young age I knew I was supposed to have wings. I would and still get ‘phantom wings’ just like a phantom limb of someone who lost a leg.
I’ve gotten a bit better with it over the years but I remember a time when I would cry every night because of it. I got suicidal over it even, there was some other stuff going on then but it was a large part.

I felt this before I was ever on the internet and only knew what wings were from birds in my backyard or in the zoo. I have no idea where this came from or why I feel this way but I do and however much I’ve tried to ignore it, it doesn’t go away.

What do you think?

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  • Red Bull not living up to expectations?

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  • I believe I can fly,
    I believe I can touch the sky,
    I think about it night and day,
    I believe I can soar,
    I see me running through the door.

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  • i love to have wings with hot sauce & beer

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  • You could always identify as a bird and jump off a cliff.😂

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  • Naw. You are human. If you want to fly you can get a budget air for like 80 bucks.

    Or if you really want to fly you can build a jetpack. It's not practical in any measure but it's cool as fuck.

    The cheap method is to just buy redbull

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    • I obviously know I’m human and it’s not really about flying but planes and zip lines do give me a fun thrill.

      Like I said at the start of it, it’s not that I want to fly, it’s that I feel like my body is wrong without wings.

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      • Yeah that's even worse. because now you are straying into the furry territory of being a spirit animal.

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        • What???
          First off I’m not a furry, though there’s nothing wrong with that. Being a furry means liking anthro animals, that’s not what I am.
          And with the spirit animal thing,, it seems you’re just speaking nonsense sooo

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