Is it normal that i fantasize about saving a friend's life?

I posted a similar question yesterday, but I don't think I worded it as well. Sometimes when I'm laying in bed at night and my mind wanders, I have fantasies about being the one who saves a friend's life in a serious situation. Whether it be stopping an armed robber and being the one to console and comfort my friend, or rescue them from drowning, or any such situation, for examples. This is not to say I would ever want anyone I care about to ever be in such a predicament, but sometimes I ponder these situations when I'm laying in bed. It's almost like I wonder about the notion of being an actual hero to someone I care about. Am I just looking to form a bond of that sort with someone? Or am I just insane? Am I just lonely? I'd welcome any feedback.

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  • Normal. I dare imagine you have a great deal of admiration for this friend.

    Indulging this kind of fantasy can result in feeling more attached to the person in real life than they expect you to be. That can hurt. Please be kind to your emotions and make your choices accordingly.

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  • Sounds a bit like a power fantasy of the 'Holier Than Thou' variety. As in you're convincing yourself you are a good person for fantasizing about doing good deeds. That's all fine and dandy, but you must realize that as long as it remains thoughts, all of it is just ego stroking. You didn't help anyone. You just fantasized about it.

    If you want to be a real friend, a real hero to your friend, then actually go help them out in the real world. That might feel less heroic, but in the end it is a lot more meaningful and real. Would you rather fantasize about being a hero? Or actually be one, so your friends think of you as a hero?

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    • I never once implied I don't try to help my friends. I've gone without and bent over backwards to help my friends countless times when they were in need, and usually with no expectation to ever be paid back. I've put myself in bad situations just to be there for my friends. Just because I have the recurring fantasy to help my friends in the worst possible situations doesn't mean I've never tried to be the best friend I possibly could. I'm not sure where you're drawing that conclusion from.

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  • Many people fantasize about way weirder things, that are considerably less wholesome than saving their life. You're good, bro.

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  • Lol yeah, you're just weird.

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