Is it normal that i fantasise about karate?

I dreamt about being a karateka and obeying my sensei, telling me no pain and no gain. In that dream I'm wearing a gi with a black belt.

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  • no sensei worth his stuff would ever say "no pain, no gain".
    motherfucka, I am a Nidan and my sensei is a Shihan and in my 9 years of Goju Kai that man never uttered things like that.
    Don't romanticize things that are meant to save yo life probably. it's hard work and dedication. countless hours of kihon.

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  • I used to study martial arts a very long time ago.

    Nowadays I have had a lot of dreams where I fly through the air like a witch, expect not on a broom. When I fly in dreams it's almost like swimming through the air.

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