Is it normal that i explored a mysterious crawl in space without questioning it?

This building I work at has stayed the same size, yet has had rooms built and dismantled a few times over the years. There are doors that lead to nowhere, electric plugs in bizzare places, and floor patterns that don't match up to the current rooms and hallways in a very laughable way.

I found two boards that were leaning behind a large shelf. I squeezed myself behind the shelf and managed to kneel down. I moved the boards and this tiny door opened. I crawled in the door and ran through the tiny hall on all fours with a flashlight in my mouth.

At the end of the crawl in space was a very small dusty room with merchandise. Some dating back to 1998. I thought it was really cool but then I look around and theres dead rats all over floor. Theres also no way out of the room except for the way I came. I felt creeped out, but I left the room through the crawl in space.

I told my boss about it and he didn't believe me until I showed him. The entire south side of the backroom is blocked off from any employees accessing it and the room is going to be investigated and most likely dismantled. I asked if I can have some of the stuff I found there and was told no. I wish I would've filmed it. It would've made a good post on their Reddit page.

I was told to go to the recommended doctor that works with the company I work for. They told my boss the same thing. I'm going to go because the company is paying for it. I think they know things we don't know.

Is it normal I did this?

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