Is it normal that i expect a civil war in 2021

Republicans lost hard. Lost everything, near zero control in goverment. It's sad but whatever.

A recent poll has shown that 70% of trump supporters and 40% of biden supporters think that civil war will happen. This was before the Jan 6 riots which most likely has increased the percentage.

Here is why I think civil war will happen

Now what was the media's reaction when antifa and blm were literally burning down buildings and torching cars but where somehow peaceful protest. Yet when conservatives and trump supporters finally had enough and threw a temper tantrum (no fires just some deaths but whatever) somehow the Democrats and liberals believe that it is somehow a 2nd 9/11 (seen it on blue checkmarked twitter).

That's strike one. Double standards and hypocrisy to favor a political party.

The mass purging and job loss of ANYONE spotted at the rally. Not the riot, the rally where trump made his speech. As well as the purging (again) of conservatives or people who arent progressive on twitter and Facebook. Top it all off parlar which is the conservative twitter is being canceled by Amazon dispite the fact that parlar's CEO was willing to negotiate on any terms. Nope getting banned today anyway.

Strike two. Repressing the communication of a political party as well as going on a witch hunt for anyone who went to donald trumps last rally.

Finally the Lincoln project and other projects dedicated to finding trump supporters and making a little list "so we dont forget who supported and enabled trump" Now forgive me if I'm wrong but prostituting a political party is just asking for a civil war.

That's strike three. Seeking revenge and punishment for those who supported trump.

Now I'm a reasonable person but democrats need to know that they are backing 75 million people (who are armed) into a corner.

Now to prevent civil war what should both sides do? Since ridiculing trump supporters and spitting in their face and then saying join us will. not. work.

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  • I doubt that enough people want to fight in order for that to happen. Fringe terrorists and agitators will continue to be snuffed and silenced as the law intended.
    You are assuming that Republican = Trump fan. Plenty of people on the right are done with him as well.
    BLM is not a "political party" either while we're at it. It's a social justice movement. I don't see why republicans couldn't also believe that black lives matter.
    This 'us vs them' mentality is what's causing all these problems. Much as people may hate Biden at least he seems to be making an effort to reunite the people, as the president's job should be.

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  • I dont think there will be conventional war like the first civil war. There will be gorilla attacks. You'll get a few shooters here and there. Maybe a congressman or senator will get assassinated. Biden said gun control is a "top priority" so thats not gonna help a deeply divided country either. Whether the election was r!gged or not doesnt change that theres millions of people who believe in their heart it was. Im curious whats gonna happen on January 20th

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