Is it normal that i exercise or have more willingness to when..

Is it normal that I have more energy or more willingness to exercise when I've had a few drinks?

I don't really know the dynamics or whatever behind it and regarding the efficiency, but I can just walk my life away while drunk. I feel that I can do more reps without complaing.

Is this normal, does anyone know if it would actually be beneficial, etc? Thanks for your time lol

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  • I can't say I've ever exercised drunk. I stay skinny by running and doing things like sit ups.

    I don't lift but it doesn't sound like something that is safe to do with alcohol in you.

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  • In my late teens and early 20s id always drink beer when lifting weights. Never for cardio but me and a few buddies had built us a gym and we would hangout and drink beer and pump iron for hours. There wasnt like a set routine it was like "you wanna do a few more sets?" We hungout next to the benchpress.

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    • You're lucky you didn't drop a weight on your foot or something. Really doesn't seem safe to exercise drunk.

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      • We didnt lift if we were drunk just a little buzzed. If we were drunk we would just box eachother 😂

        Safety first yo

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