Is it normal that i enjoy spoiling women without expecting anything in return?

I love spoiling and making women happy. I'll typically post an ad on Craigslist saying I'll take attractive women shopping with no strings attached. I don't ask for any sexual favors in return. The women are always initially surprised I would do this, but we usually end up having fun just shopping.

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  • It means your a Daddy inside.

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  • That means your genuinely nice

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  • Very weird. You're not hurting anyone though. I would just say you should save your money for when u get a girlfriend and your energy on trying to find one.

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  • That's cute, I would do that to guys if it was acceptable to do without them expecting

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  • Nothing wrong with it. I've done it, too. One of my very good, female friends is model-gorgeous (and has modeled), sexy, and funny/goofball. Great to be with, killer smile. She's what most guys would throw themselves into traffic for.

    She had a nasty accident, and was in a neck brace for months, but still kept herself looking hot. I'd take her around, and we stopped to shop at an outlet one afternoon. She was eyeing up a black, leather coat, so wantingly, but had zero money, as was waiting for payments to come in. I took her soft, long-nailed hand, led her in, and told her to try a few on and pick one out. She was hesitant a first, then did, and fell in love with one. Wasn't cheap, but I got it for her. She gushed all the way home, wearing it.

    Also, my former business associate was a beautiful, very pretty woman who never had money due to many factors. We'd make the round, sometimes stop to walk around a store or whatever, and she'd look at stuff. Went into a women's clothing place to see the owner about an event, and she/my pretty associate, tried on this flowing, amazing, red dress with little straps on the shoulders. My jaw hit the floor when she came out of the dressing room in it. Told her "We are so getting that for you". She smiled, oh I don't know, you don't have to, etc...But I insisted. You need to be seen in that dress.

    The owner told me "You better take her somewhere nice in that. Tonight..Go show her off". And we did. Still never saw her look better or more beautiful than in that red dress..Damn.. Worth the money, too.

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  • That's the dream lol

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