Is it normal that I eat my eyelashes

I obsessively pick at my eyelashes because it always feels like I have something in my eye, and if I pull any eyelashes out I put them in my mouth, I don't know why or how I started doing it but now I cant stop. I also pick at my eyebrows sometimes too.

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  • I eat my fingers I only have three fingers now.

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  • That's gross

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  • Thanks for the early morning laugh! My immediate mental picture was of someone eating their eyelashes while the lashes were still attached to their eyes: I know that's not physically possible but the thought of someone trying to do it is pretty funny.

    This sounds like a compulsive habit you probably should get professional help with before it progresses to eating the hair off your head, which can lead to hairballs and digestive problems.

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  • Eating types of hair is a bad habit that can negatively affect your immune system. Some people start by pulling out hair on their head, some rub their eyebrows, and I guess you ate an eyelash. You just have to consciously stop and vocalize to stop like you're training a dog and your brain will probably fix itself.

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    • I don't swallow it i just put it in my mouth for a bit then take it back out.

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  • Eat them all and get falsies. Or save them by going to an optometrist. Also shave your brows and get stick ons meant for cancer patients made with real hair.

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