Is it normal that i dream about dating alex turner?

I've been obsessed with the arctic monkeys for years now, i love their music and their style but i think i have an unhealthy obsession with the lead singer alex turner and this is just recent because i used to just like him but now i feel empty if i don't see videos of him talking or giving live concerts and i fantasize about being with him every night! its just something about him , the way he speaks , the way he preforms and acts, and the way he is shy in some interviews and just wishing i was with him right now. I've been listening to all his albums like suck it and see, AM, TBHC, and all his other work like the last shadow puppets too! i just feel like i won't find anyone like him, he is such a unique person from what i see
* YES i am being serious.

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  • Perfectly normal. I dream about dating my celebrity crush, even though I know he's been happily married since the early 1980s.

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  • They are great but i've heard that Alex Turner is kind of arrogant from fans who's met him.

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  • Normal to dream about it if he's your favorite Arctic Monkeys member.

    We all have favorite members in each band or bands.

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