Is it normal that i don't trust any religious leaders?

I have had bad experience with preachers and priests. For example, there was a minister who would go to Mardi gras with his little better than thou enterouge and do a little protest where they would yell at people for drinking and partying. He looked me in the eyes and said that I was going to hell (for the cup of beer in my hand). A year or two later he was arrested near a New Orleans playground for lewd conduct (pleasuring himself). Also have n New Orleans a wiccan priest was arrested for possession of c**** p***. And let's not get on that mother fucking predator protecting pope.
It seems to me that so many of these men of god just join the church to make up for their inner sicknesses and predatory behaviors. Like it justifies or makes up for their bad ways. Is it normal that I feel this way about them?

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  • Yes it's normal.

    There are some genuine good religious leaders, I've met some. However, a lot of them are in it because there's a lot of power that comes in being an authority of a religion.

    Some people just love sticking their noses into other peoples' business, and pointing out things about their lives they don't like. If you can say you have a religious pretext to do that, it gives you power.

    This is why secularism, separation of religion and state, is so damn important. It strips these people of any legal power they might have to make "I don't like that and you're going to Hell" into "I don't like that and you're going to jail".

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  • It's completely normal. Most so called "religious leaders" are just motherf@cking child molesting b@stards! They should f@cking kill themselves! I wish they all f@cking die very soon! They don't have any f@cking right to live on this planet.

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  • a lot of religious leaders have personality disorders, mostly narcissists

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  • I'm a religious leader. I don't trust my colleagues.

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  • A lot of priests are homo child molesters. They love not being allowed to get married. Allows them to hide from their true nature.

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    • Yeah, exactly. What kind of a person would choose a vow of celibacy who wasnt either homo or asexual, or i st screwed up in general? The whole setup attracts this is ype of people.

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