Is it normal that i don't like motorcycles?

Why do people like a machine that makes a fart noise and is also more likely to kill them in a accident vs. driving a suv/car? Also don't like cars with fart mufflers especially when idiots driving them think they're SPEED RACER or Vin Diesel from the Fast & Furious!

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  • No, you're not having that. Motorcycles are not the problem, the riders are. Teenagers deliberately ride scooters in an annoying way, constantly bliping the throttle. Harley riders adjust their idle too low and some scum take off their mufflers, but like I said - rider issue, not motorcycle issue. Forget about idiots cutting people off, redlining their bikes and generally being a nuisance...

    There is an incredible sense of freedom when you ride a motorcycle. You don't have to be going fast to experience it. But it's unlike any other vehicle. You sit inside a car, boat, bus, truck, whatever, but you are a part of the motorcycle. A motorcycle without you keeping it stable will just fall over. A car won't.
    You - the rider are an integral part to the functionality of the machine. There is no airbag, no seatbelt, no crumple zones, no emergency braking system... what happens is completely under your control.

    I have a motorcycle license, but I have yet to buy a motorcycle. And I do want to buy one. I have my eyes on a 1998 Honda Magna. Beautiful, reliable, stylish cruiser that looks incredible, rides comfortably and doesn't cost a fortune. Lots of aftermarket parts available too for customization.

    With that said tho, I'm not gonna argue that motorcycles are the best thing ever... They are not. They are noisy, have no weather protection, no luxury features, no climate control, no heater, no storage space, etc.

    As a fun weekend vehicle for a nice summers day - a motorcycle is perfect.
    But as your main vehicle - I feel sorry for you. It's a miserable way of staying mobile.

    PS: Agree with you on fartcan mufflers. A proper sports exhaust system sounds nice, the shit ricers put on Hondas doesn't.

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    • Nicely worded text and not only because you agree on fartcan mufflers.👍

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  • Motorbikes are cool!

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  • I'm not a huge fan of loud noises either. Very sensitive to sound. I do like motorcycles but I actually never thought of how loud it would be to ride one. Thanks for the post.

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  • When I was 14 it was legal in TN to have a motorcycle license so I got to get an early start being mobile. I was able to drive to all my friends houses whenever I wanted. Id put them on the back of that thing and drive them around back to my house. It wasnt too dangerous because it was all backroads back then. Those were good times. Unfortunately they changed the age to 16 now for motorcycles.

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    • Motorcycles in the backrounds? that's more like it!

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      • I got alittle too crazy one day and ran off the road going too fast in a turn. It was worth it.

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  • well people who make sound mods to bikes are morons

    but there are a few huge reasons
    1. motor cycles can be purchased brand new for as little as 3000-9000 depending on what you buy excluding show bikes and fancy sport bikes

    2. MPG motor cycles can get 40-160 miles per gallon again depending on what you get

    3 insurances can be as little as $60 a year

    4. no parking some cycles can just be takin inside for the night

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  • I hate the idea of motorcycles

    Going 60 mph+ on something that's guaranteed to throw you off it if it hits literally anything? What's the largest thing you can hit with a motorcycle and not be thrown off? A small dog?

    I perfer cars I'd feel safer in a tiny car than in a big motorcycle.

    But I now drive a truck so I'm by far the most dangerous thing on the road, way more likely to kill you than vice versa.

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    • if you were a helmet and shoes with full length jeans you are actually safer

      if you hit a deer with a small car you will die

      if you hit a deer at 55 on a bike you are going to brake a bone or 2 and be bruised all over but otherwise fine because you left the vehicle

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