Is it normal that i don't like change..

Is it normal that when I watch a show, after about the 3rd season I HATE character change?
I understand character development, but to have a character do something completely left field just to keep a script going irritates me.

Another thing to add is music artist! I love ❤ when an artist is underground, but as soon as they hit mainstream, their music becomes trash--because they have accumulated die hard fans who will listen no matter what!

Am I the only one??!

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  • That's pretty common. Lots of people can't stand change when it comes to shows and music artists/bands. Personally I nearly always prefer bands early stuff, but if it's a truly great band their new stuff rocks too. It's normal for a band or music artist to wanna shake things up if they've been active for many years.
    A character in a show suddenly doing out of character stuff is just bad writing. I'm all for character development, it's rarely a bad thing, but there's a difference between that and making the character a whole different person suddenly and often in a bad way to create drama because the show is starting to tank. Well most shows in general gets pretty stale after or during the third season. You can't milk the same show forever without going out of your way to change things unnecessarily.

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  • I don't like many forms of change, either, though I don't watch much TV and don't follow many musical artists (though I do agree that if you look back through the discography of some, they definitely got worse once they became more popular).

    I really hate changes to my routine and what I am used to. I am completely happy driving the same car for as long as I can get it to last, living in the same house for as long as I'm able to, said house having the exact same decor and furniture arrangement, etc. I hate driving other vehicles in which the controls for stuff such as the wipers/wiper fluid, fog lights, etc. are all different, and I usually don't like the way other cars drive compared to my own. I also hate furniture rearrangement and remodels. It throws me off for awhile, and I very seldom have ever liked the "after" better than the "before". I'm definitely an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type, tend to be very set in my ways, and I find comfort in consistency.

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  • I dont like dr who for that

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    • The first few seasons (1-5) of Dr. Who were good but seasons 6-12 went extremely downhill for me.

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  • Normal.

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