Is it normal that i don’t feel compassion or sympathy?

I don’t really feel compassion or sympathy for other people, to the point where it impedes my friendships/relationships.

I’m a girl, so where as men wouldn’t really talk about emotions, it’s a very big part of female friendships that I can’t really follow or respond to. I have trouble recognising other people’s emotions and I can’t respond in an emotional manner and often find that I don’t really care.

People tend to like me at first or find me funny then they quickly begin to avoid me when they realise I can’t connect with them on an emotional level and all my friendships are superficial.

I don’t deliberately set out to hurt people and I occasionally feel bad if I do but it’s not something I would dwell on or try to make up for.

Is it normal and do I just need to learn to fake it better?

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  • Just try to be a good person. Thats all you can do. As long as you're not intentionally hurting people.

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  • Are you me?

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  • *Shane Dawson enters the chat*

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  • What do you mean by not having sympathy? Do you not feel any sadness when other people do? Or do you just not care about their problems at all?

    If someone opens up their problem to you and you're not feeling sympathetic towards them, the best thing you could do is to offer help.

    Most people will think you're kind enough if you offer help to them. It shows that you actually do care and make an effort to stop their problem.

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  • You should go to a doctor or see what's wrong with you cause life's gonna be pretty hard if you can't make any strong bonds.

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  • Maybe you're kinda autistic?

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