Is it normal that i do better at secret goals?

People ask if you have New Year's Resolutions each year.

Many of my friends and acquaintances either say they don't make them or just make one up, that's clearly being done for the sake of fitting in.

I did online "therapy" last year and was asked to disclose goals. I reluctantly disclosed one, which I think I did pretty well on.

A friend of mine has asked me and a mutual of ours whether we have resolutions. I haven't answered yet but I know what mine are.

I might share them in a comment because none of you know who I am or will ever see me, but I might not.

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  • If it’s to kill something or some other psychopathic desire it’s not very smart to tell it. But if it’s something more mundane like get a girlfriend then it’s fine to disclose. It’s like wishing on a shooting star im sure if the universe is giving wishes it doesn’t care who you talk to about them.

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  • I think a goal feels more special if I don't tell my family. I will tell my therapist, or a priest. I think some goals can be very personal, and it's best not to share those with everyone when I'm drunk on New Year's Eve.

    My mother is the type who suggests New Year's resolutions for me. I think I will tell people that I resolve to eat more fried chicken, and pizza.
    Every year my dad gives up rhubarb for lent. If I wasn't such a cheapskate I'd buy him some damn rhubarb, and present it to him on Easter.

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  • It's fine if you don't feel the need to share them. Anyone that is a real friend will respect your decision if you prefer to keep it a secret.

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