Is it normal that i cry after escaping from my narcissistic parents?

So I'm in a hotel is where I'm temporarily residing after I packed my suitcases and bags away from my parents who keep humiliating me. Since then I can't sleep or eat I just cry because they are horrible people who can't treat me right, people inside asks me if I'm OK, I slam the door out of sadness. I really think that thinking about it will make me cry even more, however I don't regret escaping from those narcissistic abusers.

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  • From the sounds of things you sound like you're really distressed about whatever the situation may be that happened.

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  • I'm hoping the best for you. Please find a therapist. A friend. A church. Someone to give you guidance. IDK how old you are but it's never too late to seek help. I'm literally angry someone has hurt you and I've never even met you. My husbands mother is Narcissistic. He still has to care for her in her old age. She still hurts him with jabs and nagging. He has anxiety and the sooner you get therapy going the stronger you'll be to take strong care of yourself.

    Best wishes & stay strong

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