Is it normal that i can't make my girl ejaculate?

I'm upset, confused and sad because i can't make my girlfriend ejaculate. She says she can easily on her own but with me it won't happen. She tells me not to worry about it and she gets angry when i keep trying and trying , sometimes until she is sore. Am i normal? Is she normal?

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  • Aw, poor you, i cant ejaculate so it doesnt exist.....get over it, you can probably only orgasm by clitoral stimulation too so vaginal intercousre causing orgasm doesnt exist either?
    I feel sorry for you not because you have limited ways to orgasm but because you hate others. You can still have a very exciting sex life by yourself or with a partner/partners. Just get after it. All the best.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much, my ex-wife was the same when we first got together. She later confessed to me that she tried so hard to please me that she got nervous and had to faked it. Once she relaxed more she began to orgasm freely with me and we had a great sex life. Let's face it, we can all relax more when we masturbate alone because we only have ourselves to please. Your girlfriend seems to be able to orgasm when she is on her own so be patient and just let things happen.
    All the best.

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  • I think that maybe she'd had a problem, for me or any other girl I know I would cum(orgasm) just from the act of a man cumming inside me

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