Is it normal that i can't be nonreligious?

My parents are nonreligious and they tried to raise me that way, but for whatever reason I found myself incapable of not being religious (like something VERY significant was missing from my life). And I read lots of books by Dawkins, so yeah. From my teens on when I was studying religions, I was drawn to Hinduism by Hindu philosophy and I was heavily influenced by it, believe its basic tenets (including the Absolute God) and practice it (e.g. yoga).

I can empathize with atheism to some degree. I was able to feel the presence of God but I can imagine that other people never do. Still, I must admit that I cannot understand how people can go further than that and believe in materialism (like the idea that humans are biological robots or atoms in motion), though of course I respect this opinion, too. I first doubted it intuitively and it then became absolutely unacceptable for me after I read more about it and thought about it more deeply.

I know that my parents think that religion is a result of early childhood indoctrination and regard this as the only “excuse” to be religious, which caused me to doubt my own intelligence ... a lot. Still it seems by any other objective indication I'm not stupid.

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  • I say believe whatever you want to believe, as long as it doesn't hurt other people.

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  • If we were meant to be without somesort of a belief in a higher power. Why are there so many religions....

    I say it’s normal.

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