Is it normal that i can only flirt with guys i don’t like?

My guy friends always seem to like me and I know it’s because I flirt with them. I don’t try, but it comes very naturally. However, when I have a crush on a guy, I can’t seem to be my flirty self and I therefore never get close to guys I like. Is it normal that I can’t flirt with guys I like but I flirt all the time with guys I don’t like?

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  • Maybe you're just more comfortable or confident around those you don’t like as much and ones you do can make you nervous. My friends in highschool that were guys would always think I'm flirting and would kinda hit on me but truth is I was acting myself because I was comfortable. I’m obviously more happier around those people and be being myself maybe I guess is somehow flirty but that’s my reason I think. And yeah I also think maybe some fear of rejection?

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  • Maybe you have a fear of rejection?

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    • I definitely have a fear of rejection. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why I can’t even really talk to girls I want to be friends with. I always end up hanging out with people who think I’m cool instead of people who I think are cool.

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  • It is perfectly normal

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