Is it normal that i buy merchandise and store them away?

I've collected Pokemon merchandise for over 5 years and all of the products I bought is stored away so it can't be touched or damaged in any way. I have lot's of clothing that I will never wear because it's all for the collection and nothing else. Everything is unopened and in mint condition.

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  • Same here, I buy games and I store them somewhere it won't be damaged, however I sell them if they take up space.

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  • I'm that way about underwear

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  • Nothing wrong with collecting as long as you can afford it and you're taking care to store it properly. I had a co worker who went broke and had to temporarily store her collection of books and plushes in a dark closet. After like, a year the books had black mold and the plushes had some sort of white mildew on them. She got upset because she realised she could've made money selling them instead of storing them the way she did.

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