Is it normal that i blocked a neighbor on my telephone? (apt village)

she just now knocked on my door, and I opened it and said "sorry Carol I can't help you no more... I am losing my life helping you day after day every day.... goodbye Carol" and shut the door.
[I am 63, she's 77} She's a hoarder, lonely(but isn't everybody that way sometimes, I am too, but I just deal with it, I don't look at what I've lost, but look at what I may gain she doesn't know how to deal with it, plus no car. She's Needy, and diabetic. ...I've helped her for about a year shopping, Bank, misc stuff, ate a few of her homemade dinners. Yukkkkkkk cold runny lumpy potatoes, burnt and raw flash fry a turkey leg, warm black coffee. She can not cook!
But all that is besides the point.. I told her "I can Not help you anymore (and I really meant it!) she's already trying to get her claws in me.knocking at my door. I need to stick to my guns' the answer is always NO!!

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  • Damn dude I feel sorry for Carol. I'm glad I don't live in an apartment because I'd be helping her like you all the time being miserable. Does she not have kids?

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  • If she is a hoarder she is mentally ill. She needs help but you need to set boundries. It's normal to not want to constantly help your mentally ill neighbour with stuff. It's not your job.

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  • Yeah, it's normal to cut someone off that takes advantage of you.

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