Is it normal that i am physically repulsed by yogurt?

Okay, so. Ever since I was a kid I've hated yogurt. When I was little it sickened me to the point of almost fearing it. When it touches my skin I recoil instantly, in fact I make a point of avoiding it. I can't even touch the packets. The smell, the texture, the look; it makes me feel sick, but not in an allergic way. I just can't deal with yogurt in my life. Of course, my friends used to shoot it out of the tubes and throw pots at me to take the piss, which can't have helped.

TL;DR: Touching, smelling, or seeing yogurt, even in its packaging, makes me want to hurl.

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  • I was all on on board till you mentioned throwing pots of piss now I can’t relate.

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  • I have that same reaction to milk because of stupid childhood traumas, I think it's fine.

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  • It sounds like a genuine phobia of some kind. While not a particularly common phobia, phobias themselves are pretty common. If it negatively impacts your life, I'd suggest seeing a therapist about it. Otherwise, you're good.

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  • Well im not sure of what you expect me to do about it

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  • Just pretend its a homeless mans spoof.

    "aye let me wash that windscreen, only 5 dollar"
    "c'm here bitch"
    "yo yo I aint play that shit sir"

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