Is it normal that i absolutely can't stand south-korean fads?

I dunno if it's just me, but I absolutely hate every trend that has come-out of that country over the past few years.

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  • the food & booze there kicks ass and the people ive worked with are pretty decent

    i dont pay attention to what the teenagers there do

    teens are stupid everywhere

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  • I've never really cared for Korean stuff, I'm more into Chinese and Japanese stuff.

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  • They got god awful pizza... but given that that's a new food type for them I'll give them an out for it.

    Who tf cares about fads? Fads from other countries included?

    Been out of the latest meme loop for years. Part of being an adult I guess.

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  • I don't think I'm especially interested in most fads in general. I'm not really trying to fit in so much. I don't know what South Korea is like compared to Japan, and I've never been to Japan of course. The only thing which really sticks out to me is that Eastern Cultures, as well as the cultures of South America among other places are more collectivist, and Western Culture as a whole, particularly white Anglo-Saxon culture is more individualistic.

    I just do what I do, and like what I like without much thought of the rest of community. If everyone is into something that's already kind of offputting to me... meh.

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  • Idk but I do love North Korea and that's my big obsession for like 6 years. Also the North Korean soldiers are freaking hot. (I'm a girl btw and I'm talking about the guy ones in case you automatically assume I'm a dude)

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