Is it normal that i’m on is it normal everyday?

For whatever reason I find myself on here more then Facebook lately, I don’t know how long I will sustain this interest, if it’s just a phase or I’m hooked for life.But ya,is it normal that I go on is it normal everyday multiple times a day for sometimes hours at a time?

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  • I feel hooked, part of me wants to leave this random site full of weirdos then next thing ik I have some time and be bored like rn and then I swoop on it seeing what more weird shits posted.

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  • This place is addictive, but the trolls actually help one increase one's distress tolerance which I think is a good thing.

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  • I love it here! I'm on almost every day, myself.

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  • Its normal.

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  • I'm here intermittently, daily. Idk about for continuous hours...there's really not that much content.

    Though I guess my first few years, I would have chat open on my laptop pretty much all day while I was home and doing stuff around the apartment.

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    • Ya I guess it’s more on and off through out the day, not a constant hour upon hour on end. It’s probably because I’m home with the folks for the week and although we visit and do things my dad is a bit of a couch 🥔 so I get bored and just go on here lol.

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  • Some people live on this site.

    But then others are just never here, like Rose.

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