Is it normal that i’m constantly picking fights?

Not physical, more verbally. I have a low frustration tolerance, so I get mad easily. But... it feels like it’s getting worse. Could it be stress? I’m under a ton of it lately.

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  • Get some therapy, or some self control. Saying you have a low frustration tolerance is just an excuse for treating people poorly. Take some responsibility and keep it to yourself - this is what civilized society is based on, keeping your frustrations and nasty comments to yourself.

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    • Oh, and you know all about me? Saying it’s an excuse when you have no idea, I’d rather say I have low frustration tolerance than tell you morons on this website more personal information.

      It’s not an excuse, I’m not willingly being mean to people on purpose. I try to stop it, but it doesn’t always work.

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  • Sounds like you have an understanding of the situation

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  • My cousin's six year old son has this weird game that he invented called "pick a fight". Yesterday he played the game with his twelve year old sister outside, then he fell down on the pavement and ran in crying about about his knee that was barely scraped. He didn't notice where he was actually bleeding on his forearm. It was somewhat entertaining. The best thing about the whole incident was that while he was crying he sister stood there eating two ice cream cones, one in each hand like that was normal; she seemed to be enjoying the show.

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