Is it normal that i’ll spend hours researching “pointless” things?

I literally do stuff like compare and contrast different cleaning supplies for hours just because I get bored. For example, the only Pine-Sol that I know of that is actually considered a real disinfectant is the original Pine scented one. A lot of other people think that the lemon scented one also disinfects, but it just doesn’t. Not last time I checked anyway. They might’ve changed that nowadays, I just think it’s kinda odd how they don’t make that info a little more obvious on their website.

A lot of people also don’t realize that you can permanently stain your clothes with simple laundry detergent, or that Comet is full of bleach but Bartenders powder isn’t. Vinegar also works great as a cleaner, even a bit of a sanitizer, but it just doesn’t truly disinfect anything. Disinfectants, as far as I know, are mainly hospital grade stuff whereas sanitizers are better suited fir more normal places.

Another interesting tidbit is that bleach is usually cheaper than rubbing alcohol as far as I know. 90% rubbing alcohol can be usually be used to disinfect things pretty quickly, whereas 70% rubbing alcohol is sometimes better at effectively killing microbes just because it evaporates more slowly. This means that the 70% rubbing alcohol remains in contact with microbes longer, which increases the likelihood of it disinfecting effectively.

It’s always kinda annoyed me that other people don’t really pay attention to this stuff to be honest. Thanks in advance for any comments

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  • You cannot know that your research is "pointless".

    You obviously can't predict everything that will happen in your future life. For all you know, odd little snippets of seemingly trivial stuff that you learn along the way could be vitally important to you one day.

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  • I recently spent a few hours comparing all the gun laws for different countries. I have come to the conclusion that the only countries with better gun laws than America are Iraq, the Idlib Governorate, the Gaza Strip, and possibly Barbados. However, anyone logical will tell you that you don't want to live in Iraq, since it's Iraq, the Idlib Governorate, since it's a country full of Al-Qaeda members, or the Gaza Strip, since it's ruled by the Hamas. The only one of those I could even get close to recommending is Barbados, but I think America is still better.

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    • It just depends on the individual circumstances of the country, in my opinion. I personally would feel a lot more comfortable if guns throughout the world were just heavily regulated. Shooting ranges and designated areas for guns are interesting and should probably always exist imho, I just think human-kind isn't quite ready to be trusted with them laying around all over the place for any crazy person to pick up, lol. People are a little too dumb to handle that in general I think...

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      • You underestimate the intellect of humanity. In the past, everyone had access to the best weaponry they could afford. Why does it have to change now? "The weaponry we have to is stronger now," you might answer, but I say that it is no stronger against the weaponry that we would have to use it against, should the need arrive.

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        • I basically agree, honestly. In a way at least. I don't really watch the news as often as I should lately to be totally honest. I've been exhausted and I only recently got some necessary repairs made to my apartment...

          I really think that it just depends on the individual country that is involved when it comes to their personal gun laws...I genuinely have a feeling things have gotten much better though, part of me is always kinda paying attention. :)

          If it's a war torn country then absolutely. Citizens everywhere have a right to protect themselves. The only reason I don't have a gun personally is just because I can imagine all the things that could potentially go wrong...I have shot guns before though, and it's honestly a lot of fun as long as it's in a safe environment. Shooting ranges are pretty cool, too.

          Personally they just scare the crap out of me and I'm still getting over my fear of them, plus various other explosions like fireworks. :P July 4th was kinda PTSD day for me lol. Sorry to whomever is reading this, but it was.:P I've been completely exhausted to be totally honest, though I can definitely tell that things are always improving. I'm usually pretty optimistic by nature.

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  • i usually spend time on equipment troubleshootin or parts

    if i wanted to pay itd be easy but id rather dredge thru a buncha forums & websites tryinta find free info

    and shit like 'siemens part# 166633457753' for $800 turns out to be a 6308 bearing that goes for $150 from a quality manufacturer and is available from grainger next day

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