Is it normal that i’d never move in with my mother?

My mother is 93 and wants me to move in with her because she as a big house and feels lonely. She divorced my real father who later was worth millions when I was 2 and we never saw a penny of it. Then she married my stepdad who sexually abused my sister and me and did nothing about it even though she knew. Now she cries and complains the she’s lonely. We told her to sell that house and live in an apartment near people but she won’t. My sister died and now I’m the only one.

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  • thats awful

    i like my mother but id still never live with her besides a few nights visit

    id turn into george costanza

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  • That was really bitchy and scummy to allow your weirdo stepdad to sexually abuse you. Yeah, if I were you I wouldn't want to move in with her either. She deserves to feel lonely.

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  • Totally normal if she would be a negative influence or a major negative impact on your life.

    It's up to here to make friends in the world, and there are plenty of elderly groups for making such friends.

    I suggest that you suggest that she gets involved with those groups. My mother generally refused to get involved with such social groups.

    I did take care of her in the end; but only visited, handled her medical and financials, and finally spent the last 10 days of her life 24/7 with her when her body started to shut down.

    I have zero regrets about not moving her in with me earlier, and about how I handled everything, despite that it cost me a job to assist her for the last 4 1/2 months of her life; and then arrange the funeral and wrap up her affairs.

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    • She is involved with church groups etc but it's in the evening that's the problem whrn she hears noises. The neighbors are fed up going over there at 2 AM for nothing.

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