Is it normal that dead family members tell me to stop my medication?

i wish i told them. i wish so badly that i told them all the truth. my friends seem to ignore me. think im crazy when im not. im not crazy. im not crazy at all just for i see what is haunting me until the dawn.
they sometimes come. i can hear them. they are calling me. they want me to go back into the forest. it is cold there but they want me to wait. they want me to stop thinking about it. they request to stop medication as it is only poisoning me. it is stoping them from entering my room, from entering my thoughts and feelings.
i dont know what to do, they will find me anyway. even when i run. but i dont want to run from them. they are the reason for me to stay. its all my fault that theyre gone. i could have tried to be a good friend. i could have tried to safe them. but i didnt. all i did was drinking.

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  • Continue to take your medication.

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  • I was gonna say something retarded but im not sure if you're a troll. I think you should continue the meds. Sounds like delusions. They arent real bro.

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  • You should continue to take your meds. Have you been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia? If you aren't trolling, you aren't crazy, just ill.

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