Is it normal that bold personalitys are often shut down?

Strong personalities might get far in life and the office. However being new and a go getter will often get shut down fast. The general rule seems to be to kiss up to the seniors members of any company. That they must be worshipped regardless of rank and new person getting too much sunlight will be destroyed. This seems to be a good way to get bullied out of an office if you follow the rules or not. If you do too much, try too hard, or get too much glory for being a good worker it seems older members will make sure to push you out. At least that seems to be the case with 80 percent of places. I learned you can combat this by being the bosses right hand. If staff likes you no one will ever fire you and you have a sort of barrier becuase your viewed asthe bosses pet. However most semenars and advice given would tell you to be a go getter and try hard. This really seems to back fire in reality of things though. Whats sad in most orginizations this is either encouraged by upper staff or these behaviors are pretty much ignored or unnoticed as senior members fight to push out newbies that they feel threaten thier status.

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  • I've always been hated at work for this. I've done just about every job there in my 10 years. Everytime I'd go to a new department I'd piss everyone off. They'd be like "If you do this much work they're gonna expect it from all of us.". I use to work on the pallet dock and my job was to bring the trailers and id bring like 40 trailers a day to the dock when other drivers would bring 5 a day. Everyone hated me.

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    • Sounds like poor work ethic on thier part.

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  • that's unfortunately true in most places

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  • You answered your own questions with your own data. It is unfortunately normal.
    I have nothing to add but play it safe, don't get targeted by the higher ups, learn the flow and go with it, and trust your own wisdom. You have eyes to see, ears to hear, and I will confirm that you had your own answer.

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