Is it normal that a guy wants me to keep my hair short?

There is this guy that I like to chat with online. I used to have long hair that extended halfway past my back, but I decided to get it cut about a month ago. Now my hair is quite short, like a boy. I have the sides tapered and it's longer on top. When I was chatting with this guy, who is quite fond of me by the way, I sent him a picture. He said I look like a boy, but he loves it. I told him I would never let it grow it again. He was quite thrilled to hear that. Usually, I hear a lot of boys saying that they would not want their girls to cut their hair.

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  • It's your hair do whatever you want to with it.

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  • I think some women look very good with the hairstyle you describe, but it's certainly not because I think they look like a guy.

    I don't mind long hair on women, but I've never really understood why some guys have a very definite preference for that. Maybe those guys are, regardless of what they might believe of themselves, fundamentally conservative and traditional. Or maybe it's just a fetish, and the roots lie in their childhood. I suppose it's possible my indifference to long hair stems from the fact that my mother's hair was never longer than shoulder-length.

    It's your hair, and you should wear it however you like. If a guy dislikes short hair or has a definite preference for it, that's his issue, not yours.

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  • The sad thing, if he likes you looking like a boy, maybe he really wishes you were a boy. You might ask him straight out of he's into men or women. And since your online there's no harm if he tells you the truth and if he is into other men, you have a right to know before getting involved with him in physically.

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  • Not sure what the issue is here, you have had your hair cut in a new style and a guy you like has complimented you. Be happy, most of them don't even notice, they would probably notice straight off if you had a boob job, but a new hair style. I could have my head shaved one side and dye the other side bright pink, and my husband would take a week to notice there is something different about me.

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  • I think short hair on women looks very hot!

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  • It’s not normal if he’s insisting and demanding you to keep it short, but from this post, I’m pretty sure he’s not demanding you? Unless you’re leaving details out or something.

    Do whatever you want with your hair. It’s your body.

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  • its not normal that you would let online relationship influace your choices sounds like you need to get out there and talk to real people

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