Is it normal that 1 of my neighbours car always beeps

One of my neighbours has a huge truck and every single day the alarm randomly goes off and it beeps very loudly. Its very annoying. I dont know why the owner wont fix it and I hope it gets stolen and no one cares because the alarm cried wolf one too many times.

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  • Your neigbor is a prick

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  • You can complain to the city. My son had a dog that barked constantly and the neighbors complained. The city called and said he either had to put a bark collar on him or get rid of him.

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    • I had some neighbors that would get complaints growing up about their dog and then would file freedom of information act to find out which neighbor complained then would cuss them out for "being snitches". Heavenly neighbors. Then they had their daughter fall out of a tree in their yard and pretend to get hurt and sued them and bougjt a badass boat. Apparently if you dont have "no tresspassing" signs everywhere you are liable in this state of any injury on your property even if u didnt know they were there.

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    • My neighbor is quite similar his dog won't stop barking.

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