Is it normal someone matched with me then blocked me

I matched with a random guy on a dating application (no tinder) and then he blocked me. I had not said anything to him and never seen him before he doesnt live near to me. Why would one match you and then right after block you? Blocking seems pretty harsh I only block creeps much older than me who sends flirty messages an ive never been blocked before.

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  • Whats funny is you probably wouldnt have even liked him that much but now since he blocked you your mind is telling you hes too good for you

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  • Don’t dwell on it, it could be for any silly reason, and it probably is.
    A lot of dudes just sit and swipe right on everyone without looking at the screen

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    • Exactly, those apps are full of idiots and nutcases and trying to read into their digital intentions is a waste of time.

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  • He made a mistake didn't mean to say yes to you. When I used a site before and accidentally matched I blocked people too because when I didn't they'd message me immediately and it was awkward

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  • He probably didn't mean to swipe you originally.

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  • He just wasn't really into you which was the likely reason for him blocking you.

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