Is it normal some people are never wrong?

I know someone who never hesitates to correct me on every single tiny detail at work, even down to a comma in a sentence. There's no legit reason to call out minor grammar like that because it's not my job to edit the writing.

This person nit picks everything. But they're never wrong. Is it possible some people actually can be 100% accurate all the time? Seems crazy to me. No way you can work and be completely flawless.

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  • I think often, they think they're doing you a favor, or they're just wired to be a bloodhound for mistakes and it would give them a silent seizure to hold it all in. Or if they're an extrovert they might just be finding a reason to interact with you because that's what those weirdos like to do lol, in which case it can probably be taken as a compliment. They might not realize how they're coming across. Although, some people probably really are just assholes on a power trip.

    In any case, yeah that can be pretty annoying.

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  • She is always better...

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  • I avoid people like that. They're impossible to discuss anything in a rational manner and only serve to frustrate you.

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  • I am 😎

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