Is it normal since i started drinking water i dont like soda much

Since I started drinking water daily I have stopped craving soda and I forget it even exists. When I have a soda it tastes good but it's not satisfying because I still feel thirsty so I go drink water instead. My skin has cleared up from it too which is a bonus. If I ever want something that tastes more I just take one of my vitamin tablets that dissolve in water lol. I take 2 vitamins a day and thats enough.
I wonder if this is what happens if you replace snacks with vegetables and fruits. I almost never eat veggies or fruit.

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  • Very normal, and that's the same thing that happened to me. Though I like a cold soda every once in awhile as a treat, I don't like to drink it regularly, as it is too sugary and like you said, doesn't quench my thirst. Water makes me feel better both mentally and physically. I get fewer headaches and feel better overall when I'm drinking water.

    I would also say that yes, the more you eat healthier foods, the less you crave junk. I noticed that just by making home cooked meals for myself, I can hardly stand the more processed versions (that also happen to be quicker and easier to cook, with less mess, go figure. 🤣). Most of the convenience foods just taste like sugar or sodium to me now. When I eat well balanced meals, I don't crave junk. I used to be crazy about fruit snacks, but haven't craved them in months or maybe even over a year now, whereas I used to almost always keep them in my pantry. I still love pasta (my favorite food), but prefer whole grain and cooking lighter recipes with it that are loaded with more protein and veggies than pasta.

    I think our bodies become accustomed to what we feed them and begin to prefer those things. I think that's also why people tend to love the food they grew up on. While I love to load my dishes with vegetables and herbs, my best friend likes very plain foods and junk food and hates fruits and vegetables. I was eating fruits and vegetables from the time I was old enough to, and he always ate processed food and never really much "real" food, including produce. I do think it's possible to expand your palate though and to sort of reprogram your body to crave healthier foods by eating more of them, too. There are a lot of really good recipes online to make them taste good.

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  • It took a while before i drank cola and when i finally did again, it gavee me the worst stomach ache. Now i only drink coffee

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  • i only drink bleach

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  • I haven't had a whole soda in decades. When I drink one with real sugar, I can only have about 5 sips and I'm done.

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  • Soda is an acquired taste, due to how sickly sweet and syrupy it can be. If you go for too long without drinking it, you can lose the taste for it.

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  • Soda/pop is basically syrup water with artificial ingredients. The more you think about that the less appealing it is.

    Eat avocados so delicious with
    chopped tomato, onion, and serrano peppers, with salt, lime juice, and cilantro.Its called "Pico de gallo" in Spanish.You can eat "pico de gallo" with tortilla chips.😊

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  • Carbonated beverages are very bad for you because they increase the acidity of your body. And sodas havr high fructose corn syrup which causes diabetes.

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  • Sugar is very extremely addictive when you stopped drinking soda and started drinking water you broke the addiction and lost the cravings which made your brain realize that soda was not hydrating you.

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  • I dont like normal mt dew. It's too syrupy. Diet dew is a fine soda. But I dont drink soda enough to care about it.

    Cherrywine though was delicious

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  • the only vice i dont have beside drugs is soda

    coffee in the mornin water in the afternoon and whiskey in the evenin

    as to fruit & veggies i never liked em and still dont but i eat em anyway

    youll never get the satisfaction from a platea veggies that youll get from a boxa cheeseits but tell yalls dopamine addicted brain to fuck off

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