Is it normal rem is so underrated

I am in my 20s and just started listening to REM. I've heard "Losing my Religion" many times on the radio, "Whats the Frequency Kenneth?" a few times, and one of my favorite movies feature their song "Sweetness Follows". Ive never thought anything of them but lately for some reason Losing my Religion has grown on me. I looked at the video and some live performances and found the lead singer very attractive lol at least when he had hair.
I listened to a few more songs and I felt they sound similar to Pearl Jam sometimes, I googled that and found they were a massive influence on Eddie Vedder and on Nirvana as well.
That is really cool and I didnt know this. Ive never met someone who listens to REM beyond maybe 1 song. They must be a very underrated band except maybe in America. Their 80s albums are amazing and "Automatic for The People" is brilliant as well. I know they're an old band for people my age but other bands from the 80s and 90s are known among people my age and appreciated but i've never heard anyone mention REM ever.

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  • R.E.M. is one of my favorite bands of all time. They have many albums out and are quite prolific. Take a closer look at Mike Mills.
    I think Mike Mills is quite a hottie! Keep listening!

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  • Cobain was a huge fan and always commented on how they were able to maintain relative obscurity despite having mainstream success at the time.
    He was a bit of a polarising figure, Stipe, a gay man with outspoken political views.
    I take your point that they’re not a generational youth band, I think perhaps this has to do with the sound, whilst being accomplished musicians with great albums, not having an edge, a relic, too easy listening fm style.

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  • That's great! It starts with an earthquake
    Birds and snakes, an aeroplane
    and Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

    I'm a fan from way back.

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  • i had a roommate at school who loved rem

    i wasnt a fan really but appreciate the footprint they made and how they helped to grow athens georgia musically

    i also liked how they inspired a lunatic to kick dan rathers ass

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  • Chronic Town. Murmur. Reckoning. Fables of the Reconstruction. Life's Rich Pageant. Document.
    A fine body of work, after that they lost their way a bit, I mean New Adventures I'm Hi Fi - what a miserable record. Arguably there were two R.E.M's (note the stops between the letters) Bill Berry R.E.M and After Bill Berry R.E.M, they changed, I think he was the filter who told the others what he liked when they wrote new songs and after he quit they lost that.
    I was once mistaken for Michael Stipe after a gig at the Lyceum in London -early 80s, we had similar messed-up hair. Happy days.

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