Is it normal people nearly always are disappointed by hairdressers

People including myself seem to always end up disappointed after seeing a hairdresser. And on top of that they charge insane prices even if they cut almost nothing which is such a joke.
I've been most pleased with my hair cutting it by myself with some help. I am now considering a hairdresser as all my layers are grown out to one shorter layer and its hard to make a blunt cut on myself when my shorter layer that I wanna cut all my hair up to is cut choppy. But I still might give it a try because I dont trust hairdressers. For example they know less about hair than the common person seems to. I have thin hair and they always used to tell me only way my hair can look thick is by cutting a bunch layers and keeping it short. But actually my hair looks much thicker now when I dont have those layers which thinned out the lengths of my hair. They also always insist on styling your new hairstyle before you leave. I hate this because I dont wanna sit there for longer than absolutely necessary, plus it gives a false image of the hairstyle. Im not gonna style my hair with tons of hairspray and heating tools everyday. Im probably almost never going to do that. Now i'll have to go home and wash my hair AGAIN just to see what it actually looks like. Its no wonder a lot of women learn to cut their own hair and help each other out by posting tutorials and even men too who can easily just buzzcut it. When I was a teen and alt every single person in the alt communtities cut their own bangs because hairdressers were known to fuck it up.

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  • Stuff like this happens to me a lot. One time I wanted them to dye my hair Red. I said shouldn't you bleach it? And they were like no. It ended up brown with a red hue. I wanted it RED. Not brownish red.

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  • Last time I asked for some mullet maintenance, the barber straight up gave me a Karen haircut.

    Once I asked for a simple trim and they gave me a bowl cut. Told them I wasn't gonna pay until they fixed the bowl cut look.

    Had others who when I asked to have my hair dyed blue, used green and purple dye mixed. Now I'm not sure how much colour theory people have become familiar with but blue is a primary colour. You can't mix any colours to make blue. So that was a look, I guess...

    Being a transgender man, I've had nothing but pushback when asking a hairdresser for a haircut. They try to give me super feminine hairdos or something despite me clearly asking for a masculine cut. Or they rinse my hair with super hot water and complain when the blue dye bleeds on their hands. You're right. A lot of hairdressers seem to know less than the average person.

    Learning to do your own hair is a skill that I recommend people picking up. Hairdressers have their own biases and that can project on how they literally alter your appearance. You, however, have a clear image of what you want.

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  • It amuses me a trim is like 20 with tip. But if I get my eyebrows done as well it jumps up 2 50. And they always pester about a wash. Like no im not paying you to be uncomfortable I can do that myself at home

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  • I get a military cut everytime.

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  • Yeah, hairdressers can sometimes botch shit pretty bad. A few years ago, I went to a hair dresser to get my hair dyed purple. She didn't bleach it enough or leave the purple hair color in long enough and the end result was brownish purple. It looked nothing like it normally does when I used to do it. A week later, I bleached it myself, dyed it purple, and it was the very vivid shade of purple that I've worn for years.

    Then there was this other time I got my hair cut for my brothers wedding. The hairdresser cut it too short and it looked terrible. My cousins tried to make me feel better by saying "it's not ugly, it's just a Puerto Rican fro". XD

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