Is it normal people make me into their imaginary enemy?

Seriously people do this shit all the time. I won't know we were competing with each other until they tell me they were. It was always over trivial shit such as who looks cuter in what style clothes, who has more people hitting on them, who has more of whatever materialistic item, etc. It makes no sense to me. We're all adults and its odd that they're focusing on trivial matters like a grade school kid. Some would admit they thought of me often which is also off because I rarely ever have other people in my thoughts. Is it normal?

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  • Some of that stuff is normal, it's odd that they compete the material things with you, and it's odd to have a discussion on being frustrated at any imaginary enemy, but I think it's normal to let out your frustrations of competition and your immaterial life if you have one. There's more to life than matter as matter's evil, I'm absolutely convinced that I should attack on matter. The one material thing you didn't mention is material things like money and wealth. Yes. Trying not to be the abusiveness I was or the wounding I was I'm fighting my non-acceptance, which is acceptable as a pain in the neck. Furthermore none of such things is the fault of anyone but everyone else. The good that happens is as it turns out tangible action of helping out, cleaning the earth, feeding the needy in the mission (the building for poor people), if that doesn't suit your palate then perhaps you should be immoral and selfish, all centred on activities that aren't helpful and aren't doing any good, that is to the level on just sitting there worrying not making tangible results that are advantageous or helpful, I have a high aptitude to force out no opinion. I think you're selfish, you haven't done anything for anyone, you let people ride on you, taking crap from people, when you should offer to make tea, you should offer to clean other people's dishes (yes, that's hard to accept but stand to do other people's dishes), it's very simple, it's all about the survival and the continuance and aptitude to continue of all your wondering of pain from others of your identity, personality, and life. There's no need to not get out of this. I'm not the one to not tell you what to do, you can stand up, or you can just sit there and take the pain, so stand up to yourself, try to dress better, try to improve your act, and make a change that will make things better.

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  • This is unfortunately some people's normal. You don't have to be friends with folks like that though.

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  • Same thing has happened to me.

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  • People are strange. I never understand why ppl buy brand new shit. Dudes at work will have the expensive shoes and expensive gym bags because it has that little nike swoop on it. But my bag and shoes are just as good for 1/4th the price. I feel like everyones a sucker idk

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  • Got a big dick?

    That'll make you enemy no 1

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