Is it normal people in my city are dumbasses

I am socially anxious and shy so living in my specific city does not help. It's recognized as a city that has extremely reserved and often times rude people and i'm not sure why. I never get along with people from around here at least not for long because it seems when I do they always turn out to be odd...And not in the good way..Or dishonest and sketchy.

My best and only friends live in other places and aren't from here, we could visit each other quite often before covid though. All people in this city except one (my former best friend) that ive gotten along with well have all come from other cities. It feels really unfortunate because i'm too close with my family to ever even consider moving.

At least the city itself is beautiful. It's perfect for me in that sense that my future dream would be a house out towards the countryside but still close to stores like one of the nearby areas here with houses and farms at a 10 minute ride from a huge mall!... I guess when I want a relationship i'll have to find someone in a different city who'd be happy to relocate LOL....I wouldnt be the first around here.

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  • I tend to get along better with people from other countries (or sometimes just living in other countries). These days I talk more to people in Germany, France, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan than people in my country of origin.

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  • You will have people who act like complete asses.

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  • Thats why I always like to live just 30 to 60 minutes from a city on the outskirts. Land is cheaper but you're close enough to good jobs. When I retire I will move to east Tennessee. I was looking at zillow and I was finding nice houses with 10 acres under 100k everywhere! Not only is there 10 acres but thats surrounded by woods so its really like 100 acres. You could go shooting butt naked daily. Sounds really nice.

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  • Idk I feel like city people are like that, you don't see the same people day to day so there's a lesser sense of community, and everyone's stressed and busy, and they don't rely on each other as much. Maybe you would prefer the country

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    • True but my city is really known for being that way more than other cities.
      Like I said I do prefer the country but close to civilisation which is what my city is. And it's a pretty small city so that's not really the reason it's just how people behave in general maybe because there's lots of artsy people around here, people from big cities move here to study music and stuff so thats the kinda people, closed off from others I guess just doing their creative things and the rest are just not willing to welcome new people to their lives.

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