Is it normal people get triggered about open relationships?

Whenever I've discussed open relationships with some people ( not partners) they get so triggered and snap on me. Why are people so against it *patiently waits for rose to go on a rant*

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  • A lot of people on here are fatass sluts.


    litelander8 (aka Mrs.Proper)


    Anonymous post author

    The dude with erectile dysfunction (Aka Olderdude)

    Boojum (What an asshole, he literally wanted a woman to die on here.)

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  • I'm not a fan of open relationships and would never get into one for sure, but it's not my business what other people do. If you're happy this way, then good for you!

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  • Not entirely sure. If I was to hazard a guess: Lack of understanding.

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  • because they're retarded and think that their way is right

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