Is it normal owning pets has become a privilege

In my country lately the big animal clinics have bought almost all smaller ones and racked up the prices to insane levels that insurance companies cant even cover. They are evil and psychopathic for this and they refuse to take responsibility or show empathy to pet owners. I have studied animal care I have degree in it as a veterinary nurse and I did that out of love for animals. Obviously vets do it because they are psychos. The vets I worked with during internship were messed up people, my teachers were. The teachers made us dig around in intestines even though vet nurses do not do that, and no one in my entire class agreed to do it, but our teachers were genuienly EUPHORIC over getting to dig around in intestines! They said they just love when an animal dies so they get to have more intestines to dig in!
I had to put down my pet bunny this year because insurance couldnt even cover half of the surgery needed and I am not a rich person with like $9 519 on my bank account. Only a few years ago the prices were normal and fine. I want a pet in my life again soon that is my own because I have the need to care for a pet. I am thinking of getting a chihuahua because dogs have better insurance available and a chihuahua is small and therefore cheaper and need less indoor space. I didnt like chihuahuas before but I researched some about them. Apparently they have bad rep because they arent treated like normal dogs so they turn angry. Chihuahuas love to be active with their owner but too many owners treat them like dolls.
The issue comes back to medical bills though. Even if a dog has good insurance the prices keep going up... I am on the autism spectrum so I will never be working much. I will never be rich. Pets are better for me than people. I feel bothered when I have someone in my life to demand my attention. Pets never bother me. Even if a pet bothers me when I dont want to be bothered it just melts my heart. When I had my bunny around I used to think during my depression lows he gave me purpose to be here. He was gone too soon and he was just a pure innocent soul full of love. 😔 Humans cant compare. Humans are all selfishness social games and ego. Take that shit and fuck off.

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