Is it normal not to use any social media?

young adults, would you find it offputting if you met someone but they told you they didn't have snap, ig, facebook, or anything at all except discord?

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  • I'm 20. Discord is all I've used for a while. I had a joke fb account once that I kept up with for like a month, but otherwise I avoid social media altogether

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  • The only time it’s weird is when people do online dating and want to “background check” someone and there’s nothing to validate that person.

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  • Normal.

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  • I don't see the point in any of it. Why do I need post updates about things that I am doing on the internet? What is it for? When I speak to friends and family I will catch up about what we've both been up to. That's enough for me.

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  • Yes its normal not to use any, me personally I use IG but I rarely use FB, Snap and Discord.

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