Is it normal new laptop popped

I bought a new laptop after my pet decided to chew through a cord that caused all the power to go out in the house and my old plugged in laptop to break. NOTHING else (besides the lamp the cord belonged to) broke. Only my laptop... I bought a new laptop a week later, cheap because im broke but it was on sale at the time too. Seemed pretty good but crashed after less than a week. I got it working again and it has crashed 2 or 3 more times since, I just fold the screen down and when I go to use my laptop again it wont start and I have to keep holding in the power button forever until it reacts at all. This time was different though. I was playing a game and suddenly the laptop made a popping noise which sounded like something fried inside the laptop and at the same time it just went black. I am not able to turn it back on. This happened shortly after plugging it in because it had ran out of battery.
Good thing I still have the receipt and can get my money back to buy a new one. What could have happened to it??? A new laptop shouldnt be so faulty right?? I feel very unlucky when it comes to laptops this year... ☹ not sure if I should even have one at this point like maybe the universe is telling me something....😂

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  • Did the laptop you bought come with a charger? If the voltage or amperage was too high it could've shorted out your laptop's monitor or worse. Most laptops do well with a charger that has an output of about 19.2v. If yours is significantly higher, that may be your answer right there

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  • I don't know what could have caused that. I've never had one of my computers do that, even with my old gaming laptop I had for six years. What model is it? It might just be a really shitty laptop.

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