Is it normal new allergy to eye makeup

I have never been allergic to anything but now I react to eyeliner from nowhere!
Its the same I always use but all of a sudden I had to wash it off because my eyelids itch a lot and then they were red for one day after so I didnt wear eyeliner for 2 weeks but then I wore it again one week ago and my eyelids are still red!! This time it doesnt go away fast! Its been very sore and itchy and a bit swollen but not much and sometimes it burns a lot from nowhere and then fine again but its red all the time.
I want to wear eyeliner because I dont like being basic and because I look too young for my age round cheeks even though im skinny like im cursed or something and I want to look my age so what is wrong!! Is it normal to develop allergy like this??
This is covid and covid vaccines fault

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  • I would go to the doctor so you can figure out what exactly in the eyeliner caused your allergic reaction, and then you can avoid that specific ingredient in the future. You can definitely find eyeliners without that ingredient so you don't need to completely rule eyeliner out.

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  • Allergies and intolerances to things can happen at any time to people.

    My sister never was allergic to strawberries. She ate them just fine. Then in the winter of 2014 she has a bad reaction to them out of no where. The ambulance had a hard time getting to us because there was a snow storm raging. It was scary as fuck. Anytime she accidentally eats something that has strawberry in it, she can't breathe and her throat closes.

    Also, I have an intolerance to lactose that didn't develop until my early 20's. I was able to eat dairy in large quantities just fine but then the summer of 2008 rolled around and my body got diarrhea from dairy.

    Perhaps you should look into hypoallergenic eye liners?

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