Is it normal my siblings and i won't inherit anything?

Parents have no 401k, no pension, they can't afford life insurance, health insurance, or anything else. They barely scrape by and they refuse to look for an assisted living apartment that would house low income seniors. They don't understand how credit works and max out their cards and any money they obtained from lawsuits gets spent quickly.

I'm not saying I hate them for leaving nothing. I dont need inheritance from them, but they annoy me. They don't listen to my advice on credit, houses, bills, and budgeting, and then cry about how they struggle. They don't want my help. Also if it wasn't for me, they'd be homeless.

Is it normal? My new dream in life is not to turn out like them. I'm working hard, saving money, investing in stocks, managing my bills, putting money into a 401k, not being materialistic, and my credit score is 840. So far, I'm nothing like them when they were my age, but the fear that i may become like them constantly creeps up on me.

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  • All three of you are..just..terrible

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  • I’m confused. Are upset they aren’t doing well for themselves? Or you? It’s their money or lack thereof. They don’t owe you an inheritance…

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  • This happens in every generation. Some people just can't see or live with planning for the future.

    In the USA, the percentages are actually going up on the number of people living from day to day with little savings or plans for the future is going up. The BBs were about 15 to 20 percent. Gen x and early millennials are showing closer to 30 to 50 percent. More and more people especially with the move towards socialism, seem to think who cares the government will take care of me.

    There is actually some supporting evidence to live that way. If you own a business, have savings and have planned for your future, when you get old you can't pass those things on to your children or family if you get sick or need long term care. You have to liquidate almost everything and spend every dime untill you are broke. Then and only then will the government start helping and taking care of the bills, however, if you don't have anything to start with they'll start picking up the cost right away. So some people have learned spend it and live on it now or just plan on giving it to the doctors and medical care. If you die quick then maybe you'll have some to pass on.

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  • Its annoying to see people do shitty financially when they dont need to. I feel like most people who are poor choose to be poor. Atleast in 1st world countriies.

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  • @ the title... no, it's not weird that you're not inheriting no money. Your parents are broke, what do you expect?

    Is it normal that they're bad with money but also have several kids? Yeah, probably. Being a parent doesn't mean good spending habits.

    Not to be flippant, but if your dream life is just simply to have money, it sounds like you're already done.

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  • People who prioritize their goals, can achieve them easier. I don't know if getting into real estate is good right now, but if someone makes good investments in rent properties and budgets for needed expenses. I would say buy relatively newer buildings. Then that maybe good for you.

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